Welcome back – Send Off Event-Aug 2018

The Welcome Back & Send Off event, funded by the Swedish Institute, organised by Sweden Alumni Network Vietnam and Uppsala University, took place in Hanoi to welcome alumni who have just been back to from Sweden and to say farewell to students who are going to study in Sweden this year. The event was held […]

“Eco Fika 2: How plastic is our life?” – August 2018

(August 5th, 2018) – Eco Fika 2 was about Plastics – a topic having received a great deal of worldwide media attention recently. In fact, World Environment Day 2018 on June 5 – “Beat Plastic Pollution” has been marked by the United Nations this year to raise awareness and action about the use and disposal of plastics. […]

Plogging – Chạy bộ nhặt rác

Chạy bộ nhặt rác – hoạt động thể dục bắt nguồn từ Thụy Điển. Vào ngày 5 tháng 8 vừa qua, Mạng lưới du học sinh Việt Nam Thụy Điển (SANV) đã tổ chức một buổi Plogging – chạy bộ nhặt rác, tạo bước ngoặt đầu tiên hướng tới cộng đồng. Mạng lưới của chúng […]

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