Sustainable business – be agent of change

October 2017- Hanoi – Dinner and discussion on sustainable business with alumni from Swedish Institute Management Program Asia (SiMP Asia).


On early stage of forming a recognised alumni network, the Sweden Alumni in Vietnam had worked with SiMP Asia to organise the first dialog discussion on sustainable business which aimed to promote sustainable practices in businesses. The event was held at Hanoi Club Westlake, with the participation from more than 70 professionals, including more than 10 from SiMP Asia, the Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi, representatives from Swedish universities.

Through this special occasion, our SANV members have learnt a lot from SiMP fellows on what they are doing for a sustain future of Asia, especially how the knowledge was gained through the training under Swedish Institute program. Obviously, there are resources in Vietnam such as among minority community, with rich culture and tradition which should have more of contribution to the economy’s growth. There should be means to ultilise these sources in sustainable ways.


Vietnam is now one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. Starting when high technologies are already available, Vietnam has an advantage to begin this growth journey with sustainability, not only in terms of environment but also for the sake of people, with wider social dimensions – which means all social groups should be equally given the opportunity to develop. Learning these experiences from neighboring countries was essential for those who run businesses and inspired others to start a business but perhaps in a new angle of perception.

Sweden Alumni Vietnam will continue this regional collaboration to organise similar events, widen the discussion topics for professional development among alumni.

(Pu Lu – Hanoi, 2018)
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